Friday, January 18, 2013

Indie review: Chirality Nail Polish!

Hello, my lovelies!

Today I have for you another wonderful little indie polish called Chirality Nail Polish. I forget how I heard about these but I liked what I saw in other reviews so I picked up a few during a Black Friday sale (I think). So I decided to try them out and see what I had!

Across the board, the formulas were lovely and shown here in 3 coats, no top coat. Very smooth and easy to apply. All of these are medium-strength linear holographics, as you’ll see! Unfortunately, there was no sun the day I did these, and we all know it takes sunlight to truly bring out holo beauty.

Let’s start with Appollonia. She’s described as a purple holo though to me she looks more like a dark denim blue. The holo here isn’t as strong as I’d hoped, but she’s still quite pretty.

Next up is Kale. I really like this one. Kale is, appropriately enough, green!  She has lots of yellow in her holo, but this one really entertained me. With spring right around the corner, it made me think of grass and growing things, which of course, being a gardener, I long for. 

Then there’s The Symbiote. Dark and mysterious with one of the strongest holo effects in the bunch. I love this one! 

And here’s CU2+. This is a pretty, brighter blue. The second shot used the flash, so you can see the holo effect a bit better. 

And last is Just Before Dawn. You know me and my oranges. I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect orange holo. This is more a soft coral than orange though and really quite lovely. It washed out a bit on my pasty skin at first, but by the third coat, it didn’t blend in so much.

So there you have Chirality! Another indie I’d recommend. They can be purchased through their Big Cartel shop, where polishes average $7 and found on Facebook for updates. They have a wide variety of polishes so be sure to give them a looksee!


  1. Appollonia looks just like jeans. These are all pretty, especially the last two!

  2. Ooooh Just Before dawn and brighter blue definate winners.

  3. I guess it's no surprise I like the black one best. :)