About Me

Hi, I’m Mal, or Aralyn to some. I’m a creative, 36 year old Amazon-spirited woman, married to the Most Wonderful Man in the World, who accepts my polish obsession with an amused smile and shake of the head. We reside near Washington DC, and are parents to a loveable Siberian Husky we call the BFD (Big Fluffy Dog). In fact, this blog is named for her (the Fluffy Dog Tail part). They are the loves of my life! My other hobbies include cooking, gardening, and you might occasionally see pics of those, but primarily, this is just for my polish obsession. I do love to read and might occasionally tell you what I'm reading! But mainly, we're here for the love of polish!

I've always loved nail polish but only in the last year and a half become obsessed with it. For years my job kept me from wearing it (I never did figure out whose drink that big chunk of acrylic nail went into!), then I moved into a professional capacity and thought I'd start out with sheers and such. Then last fall (2011) I saw someone's candy cane mani and fell in love and tried to duplicate it. Thus the obsession was born.

I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to do a nail blog. There are SO many wonderful ones out there, what could I add? But with a lot of encouragement, I decided to give it a shot. My friends are scattered around the world and a lot of them enjoy polish pictures, and sharing colors and such, so I thought this would be a fun way to do it.

I do have Facebook and Twitter set up for this but I don't know that I'll use the Twitter much. I’m starting small to see how this works out. Updating a couple times a week is probably the max I can manage (I'm a bit lazy).

I love Zoya the most, and OPI, as evidenced by my stash list. I've also really gotten into the 'indie' brands. Not all of them are great, but many of them are and produce beautiful polishes that are more unique than the stand glitter or creme. 

Would you like to be a guest blogger? Or have a suggestion for what you’d like to see more of? Please drop me an email at enchantednailsfluffydogblog@gmail.com. I know it's a long one, just copy and paste!

My current polish collection: