Monday, October 21, 2013

Guest blogger - Beetlejuice nails!

I've got a guest blogger today, covering for me! Thank you, Samantha!!!

Hi everyone. I'd like to say thanks to Mal for having me on the blog today.

I started out with Seche Clear as my base coat. I then used Zoya Purity (white) as my base color. I used two coats to make sure there were no streaks in my white stripes. I let that dry for a few hours. After it was dry I used some stripping tape and placed 3 on each nail. Then I covered the nail with Zoya Dahlia.

The Beetle Juice logo is a decal I made. I found the image online and printed it on decal paper.
Thank you everyone for having me on the blog today. I had a blast doing these nails and love how they turned out.

From Mal: Thanks, Samantha! P.S. She makes AMAZING decals and I gotta get me some!


  1. That looks cool.

  2. Wow I love that you made the decal yourself! I just researched this yesterday and didn't know if anyone actually did this themselves.