Friday, November 16, 2012

Indie Review: Different Dimension holiday line!

Hello, my lovelies! Today I have another indie holiday line review. It’s my favorite indie brand, Different Dimension! I was so excited to be picked as one of the bloggers to review her holiday line, the Santa Baby collection! 

Missi sent me 4 of the holiday polishes and they are gorgeous. This post is VERY pic heavy, so be warned!  Let’s get right to it, because this post is already a week later that I wanted!

First up we have the title polish, Santa Baby. Included with my bottle was a little card with the lyrics to the song-nice touch!  Santa Baby is described as “clear base with red, pink and white glitters in different sizes mixed with silver holographic micro-glitter”. It is beautiful and looks like a Christmas candy cane in a bottle! I swatched this baby over several different colors to get different effects and she is perfect, no matter which one! From pinky to thumb is 2 coats of Santa Baby over Essie All Tied Up, Orly Chocoholic, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, 3 coats by itself on the index, and China Glaze Holly-Day, all without top coat. As usual, the formula was smooth as silk going on. I can’t decide which color I like it best over, they’re all so pretty! The green and red definitely scream holidays but the pink and brown are super lovely and even by itself, it’s adorable.

Next up is Think Of All The Fellas I Haven’t Kissed. I love this name! It’s described as “rich purples, blues and teals in a clear base” so I topped it over some dark bases for fun. Another smooth formula that glided on. From pinky to index we have 3 coats by itself, 1 coat over Milani Black Swift, Sinful Colors Smokin (dark gray), and Sinful Colors Heavy Metal (silver foil). This is a gorgeous sparkling topper that’s pretty by itself but really pops over the black and dark gray but man, look at that sparkle and shine over the silver – wowee! Talk about lighting it up!

Third is I’ve Been An Awful Good Girl. This is a “white base with pink(ish) shimmer and different sized pink and purple glitters throughout in different sizes”. Because I’m so fair skinned (ok, pasty Irish white, I can admit it!), paler bases can get lost against my skin so I also put this one over different colored bases to bring out its beauty.  So from pinky to index we have 2 smoothly applied coats over Essie All Tied Up, Milani White on the Spot, Sinful Colors Smokin (dark gray), and 3 coats by itself, all without top coat. It’s beautiful by itself and over all the colors but I think it’s really stunning over the Smokin – it turns the dark gray into a frosty look with a pearlescent light gray with a purple cast. I love it!

And lastly, we have Sign Your X On The Line a gorgeous silver and gold shred flakie topcoat. There are several 18K gold topcoats out there, but I personally don’t have $30 to drop on those. And with a topcoat this gorgeous and applies so smoothly, who needs to? From index to pinky we have 1 coat over Sinful Colors Smokin, Orly Chocoholic, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, and China Glaze Holly-Day. Look at that beautiful glitter shine over every color this topcoat will dress up any polish, any time of year. 

These are only 4 of her Santa Baby collection and you can find the rest in her Etsy store! Different Dimension polishes average $8 for a full sized bottle, $4 for minis, and Facebook for updates where she often has flash sales. If you haven’t tried her yet, then run, don’t walk, over to her store and stock up! 


  1. Wow this line looks fab, I would really wear all the colors!

    1. I <3 this indie maker. She always outdoes herself!

  2. Oh wow! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  3. I love Different Dimension polishes! They are lovely.

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