Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Black Friday Insanity, part 1!

Hello, my lovelies!

The Black Friday goodies are starting to roll in! Mr. Enchanted asked when the dump truck was arriving and where it would be unloading. Heh. I wasn’t that bad. Not quite. 

I did however, I am embarrassed to say, snatch up quite a few good deals. Yay for indie makers having Black Friday sales! And hen I say sales, I mean the awesome ones like 40% or more. Some I missed, either I was out running around, or stupid Facebook messed up my feed and I missed them. But I did want to share some of them, so this is part one. I was able to get a lot of new indie that I haven’t tried yet at great prices, so I’m really looking forward to trying them. Warning, lots of photos!

This is actually from a blog sale, but I’m including it because it’s so pretty and Lacey is awesome. This is DS Tapestry, from Lace & Lacquers recent blog sale. Can’t wait to wear this cheerful beauty!

Next up is Chirality Nail Polish. These were extremely well wrapped with some pretty patterned tape on them, and then also wrapped in a pretty little bag with a ribbon. Nice touch! Here we have Kale, Iridophore, and Just Before Dawn. I was born just before dawn, literally, so the name on top of the coppery color told me it was meant for me!

Also arriving this week is Darling Diva Polish. I have several Darling Diva polishes that I haven’t gotten to wear yet, so look for a big post on that line coming soon. My friend Dana recommended them to me. Here we have FUUUUUDGE and Walk On the Ocean. FUUUUUDGE is one of those polishes that at first I thought I was interesting, then the more I stared at it, the more I liked it, and decided I needed to have it. Walk On the Ocean looks like a fun blue and purple glitter mix. 

Then we have I<3NailPolish. This is another line new to me that looks just beautiful and I had to try out. Here I have Ginger Spice Latte and Her Highness. These come in such pretty boxes too!

Her Highness is most appropriate considering my helper as I took photos. Here is Her Highness the Big Fluffy Dog, wanting to help and sulking because I wouldn’t let her open packages. She’s a bit messy with her method, not having opposable thumbs and all.

And last up is Dorian gray by A-England. I was lucky enough to snatch this up for $2 during a flash sale on Llarowe’s website. For $2, I couldn’t resist!

So that concludes the first part of my Black Friday insanity.  I’m kind of glad I got so many good deals though because I am on a serious no buy for quite a while, thanks to the HVAC system popping out on us. These will have to keep me happy! What goodies did you score?

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