Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zoya's Pixie Dust & Spring 2013! Collections!

Hello, my lovelies!

Zoya's new Spring 2013 collection has been announced! Captivating Claws has the full ad with pictures on her blog, but it looks like the standard spring pastels. I personally am not impressed. I don't like pastels and these are all re-releases of polishes that were designed previously for couture designers.These will be released January 2013.

But today, Glamour also has a sneak peak of the mysterious Zoya Pixie Dust collection, and this, I'm excited for! It's all about texture! Matte glitter yet it's still a little sparkly! 6 new colors! I've linked the full article but here are the pics themselves, from Glamour:

Dahlia - black beauty sparkle.
I know which of my friends will want Dahlia!

Godiva - soft nude sparkle.

Chyna - red dazzle sparkle.
Look at that glorious red! I wish they had done an orange, but I'll take red!

London - fog gray sparkle.
 Digging the smoky gray!

Nyx - perfect periwinkle sparkle.

Vespa - mint kiss sparkle.

What do you think, lovelies? Excited for the Pixie Dust collection? Or do you prefer the Spring Collection?


  1. This Pixie Dust collection is beautiful. I can take or leave the green but I love the rest of them - especially Dahlia! :) I may just have to get them all.

  2. PixieDust is definitely better than the Spring offerings. And, believe it or not, Nyx and London are my favorites at first glance. :)

  3. I figured you two for Dahlia right off! :D Other than Godiva and Vespa, I really love these and may end up getting the rest of them! London and Nyx may very be my favorites too, Ruth!

  4. Oooh I love the look of all of them.

    1. I really like the matte-yet-still-a-little-sparkly look!

  5. these are awesome! I liked the yellows from zoya's spring collection, but in general that wasn't a "wow" collection for me. Then I noticed the pics of the pixie dust collection here. Wow!

    I love them all except the nude, and I like the interesting, sandy grittiness... An orange or a copper, or an olive shade, would look cool in this texture!

    1. I was really disappointed there wasn't an orange in the Pixie Dust bunch! I'm really hoping they'll do a second set for summer in deeper colors with an orange.