Sunday, February 10, 2013

Indie Review: Amy's Nail Boutique!

Hello, my lovelies!

I have another indie to share with you today, Amy’s Nail Boutique. Amy recently released a HUGE line of gorgeous linear holos and I had to get a couple. Boy, am I glad I did! Of course I got the copper and red, but she has yellow, greens, blues, purples – the whole color spectrum!

The formulas on both were smooth and easy, with tons of holo sparkle. There wasn’t much sun the days I wore these, but I still managed to get a decent holo shot indoors. The bottles are a fun shape, and come with these adorable little charms with different expressions on them. All photos are shown three thin coats with no top coat.

First up is New Penny, a gorgeous copper holo. You know me and my orange/copper obsession! Love it! 

Blurred to show off the holo better.

And here is Hot Damn!, a stunning warm red holo. I love my fire colors. I love holos.(The lighting indoors makes them look similar, but they are definitely different. But my lightbox doesn't do well with holos at all).

Amy just did a restock of some of the holos (Brownstone is totally next on my list!), and she’s got a ton of gorgeous glitters to in her Etsy store, where polishes range from $4.50 to $10, so scoot on over there! You can also keep up with her on her Facebook page, where she just posted that there will be more new goodies coming to the shop this week!



  1. *thud* Those are both gorgeous!!

  2. They are both to die for!

  3. I looked at the Etsy store to see the red...oh, baby! You're right, it's gorgeous. I bet they both look great with your coloring. :)

  4. This is really cute! I always forget about indie brands for nail polish!

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  5. This warm holo looks great on your nails!

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