Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!

Hello, my lovelies!

It’s been far, far too long since we last visited. This pesky thing called work swooped in and took over my life the last few months, and unfortunately, the blog fell to the wayside. Most days I didn’t even have time to do my nails and would wear the same polish for 3 or 4 days (the horror!) ;)

But I think, things are easing up now and I hope to at least get once post in a week for now, and back up to 2-3 postings a week by the end of June.  I think I debuted this blog last year on Memorial Day, so my one year blogaversary should be here!

And speaking of Memorial Day, please take a moment to honor those that serve, and those who gave their lives for us. 3:00 pm is the official moment of silence to honor those who didn’t come home.

This was the first mani I did on the blog, for Memorial Day last year.

Where to start with the last few months? I’ve gained a ridiculous new number of polishes. I’ve made lots of new awesome friends in the polish world. We’re terrible at enabling each other!

I think for now, I’m just to going to show a few new favorite things.

Anyone participate in Zoya’s Earth day promo? I was a bad girl, as you can see! I love Zoya. And after updating my stash list, Zoya and OPI definitely dominate my stash. I also now own every orange Zoya, minus the Birchbox blogger trio corals (I still kick myself for not getting those!)

I also love this years texture - the sparkly/matte finish. They're Liquid Sand by OPI, Pixie Dust by Zoya, Frosted Gumdrops by JulieG, etc. I really love them. They're not super gritty, but they are sparkly, yet matte at the same time.

I got my first Illamasqua polish too! In a secret swap with a friend, I was gifted Gamma. It’s a gorgeous bright neon orange. My friend Dana loves Illamasqua so I was happy to finally have one. The formula on this was a bit streaky but it leveled out after the second coat. Shown here with topcoat.

And thanks to my friend Rachael (who just opened up her blog, Polish for Reals – go check her out and tell her I sent you! I did her graphics-hee!) got me hooked on Dior. I’m way too cheap to pay so much for a polish ($24! yikes!) but I found this baby brand new for $15 (still exceedingly rare I spend that much on one polish!). This is Dior Bikini and oh my, was it perfection putting it on. Talk about practically applying itself! I’m now hungering for a couple more, which might be my reward to myself when this project at work is done. I think I deserve it after all these hard months of work.

Dusty hunting has yielded up some old black label OPIs, and DS Treasure (a gorgeous orange, sparkly sheer polish! - ‘cause I don’t have enough of those!)

I picked up my first Nerd Lacquers-all Dr. Who inspired (I love Dr. Who!). She was back in business for a while but seems to have disappeared again. :( Shown here are Home of the Untempered Schism, Regeneration (my favorite, of course!) and Exterminate.

Essie’s put out their summer collection with some bright, pretty colors. Some of my favorite indies have new polishes and lines out. Literary Lacquers has a stunning orange holo I want, and in early June will be launching her Anne of Green Gables line! Tipsy Turvy Nails has a Buffy the Vampire Slayer line coming out soon that I can’t wait for, and Amy’s NailBoutique has a ton of gorgeous new holos out, and some fabulous glitters on the way. Different Dimension has some gorgeous new colors like Black Dahlia out. So much new polish goodness to be had! 

Lots if indie have their summer lines out or about to come out so be sure to watch their page and blogs for fun new polishes. I hope to be back within the week!



  1. Welcome back to the blogging world. I've missed you posts. Looking forward to awesome manis!

    1. Thanks, Jen! I really hope I'll be able to post more when work slows down. It's good to be back!

  2. It's great to see you back! And thank you so much for all the work you did on my blog <3

    1. Thanks, doll! And you're so very welcome!