Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zoya Liberty!

Hello, my lovelies!

I hope everyone is staying cool during this ghastly heatwave. The BFD (Big Fluffy Dog) keeps trying to sunbathe when I let her out for a potty break. And I think this extreme heat has helped her blow off her winter coat a little too much- her fur is much thinner than usual and there are tons of fur clumps all over the backyard!

With such heat, I needed something cool to wear. I'm very fond of blue polish but I don't find it's always flattering and it often stains me. But when Zoya ran their Liberty promo around July 4th, I had to grab it. warning, this post is quite picture heavy, it's so beautiful!

Liberty is part of the Zoya Pixie Dust summer edition. I LOVE the Pixies Dusts! Ever since they first came out and I got a few, I have loved them. They first appeared around December, in winter and spring type colors type colors, and I longed for brighter, bolder colors. And Zoya did it! They are matte, yet sparkly. It's a perfect balance. I'm not big on matte finishes but these beauties sparkle too. Generally you don't wear base or top coat with them but if you need more shine, sure, top coat them.

A number of other companies have a similar "textured" product. This is the texture for 2013, and some of the other brands are OPI's Liquid Sand, Julie G Gumdrops, Sally Hansen Sugar Coat, and China Glaze Textured. They all have slight differences and Zoya's is by far my favorite. They're a little less gritty and just so freakin' beautiful. There are a number of dupes amongst brands too, but that doesn't always stop me from buying them!

Onto Liberty! Liberty is the most gorgeous, refreshing shade of blue and perfect for such a hot week of weather. It has depth and sparkle and makes me long for the beach in the worst way. As with most textured polishes, you want thin coats and time to dry in between coats, to avoid pulling the texture around. This is three coats of Liberty in different lighting. I could stare at it all day, it's just so gorgeous. The camera never pickles up the sparkle quite right but trust me, it's there.




Zoya polishes are available at, and average $8 a bottle, but Pixie Dusts are $9. Be sure to check out all the beautiful Pixie colors, and they're shipping the fall colors now too! Plus they just released the Cashmere and Satin lines for fall too!