Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday: Nails Inc!

Hello, my lovelies!

Welcome to Go Pink Wednesday #3!  Go Pink Wednesday is when a bunch of bloggers and nail polish fiends wear pink manis to support breast cancer awareness, because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You don’t have to be a blogger to join in! You can find more details over at Finger Painting Fingers, who organized this amazing event.

My very dear friend Ruth does not have a blog or Facebook, but she is wearing pink for Wednesdays too so I’m showing off her pics for her! Ruth is wearing Zoya Chloe under Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sweetie! Thank you, Ruth!

Today I’m wearing Nails Inc New Burlington Place. Nails Inc is available in the US, but this color hasn’t made it stateside yet. I had to order it through eBay, after I fell in love with it. The Silverinator featured it and proclaimed it essentially a dupe to MAC Bad Fairy-that was all I needed to know! I missed Bad Fairy when it came out a few years ago so I hunted this one down. 

New Burlington Place is multichrome that flashes pink to gold to copper. It has a glass fleck shimmer finish and is just gorgeous. It’s a serious eye catcher and conversation starter, which makes it perfect for Go Pink Wednesday! Application was flawless too. This is definitely a line I’ll be looking into further.

I couldn’t quite capture all the color shifts in pictures, and the primary color is pink, but this is a gorgeous color that I am love in with and perfect to get people’s attention with today!

Remember to spread the word of why we’re wearing pink, and the importance of monthly exams and mammograms! 


  1. what a gorgeous polish! thanks for sharing!

  2. *roflmbo* Um, I totally thought my windy&cold-shot-w/-cell-phone-walking-down-street-fingers might be one of your little bitty square pictures. Not sure if I should be flattered or horrified by my giant claw. At least Chloe's flakies show up nicely. ;) *rofl*

    1. Thanks for sharing your Go Pink Wednesday mani, Ruth! I love it and I added it to my Go Pink Wednesday album on Facebook! :)

  3. That looks great.

  4. Ooooo! I don't have any Nails Inc and seeing this gorgeous color really makes me want some even more! It's going on my wish list! Thanks for sharing your friend Ruth's mani too! I'm adding them both the the Go Pink Wednesday album on Facebook! :)