Friday, October 26, 2012

Indie Review: Girly Bits!

Hello, my lovelies!

It’s a rather gray day here in DC as the East Coast starts preparing for “Frankenstorm”, potentially the worst storm to hit us since 1991, or something like that. Since Mr. Enchanted and I are big believers in being prepared, we don’t have too much else to do. (This is why there are 20 cases of bottled water stacked in the entryway). 

I like to do indie reviews on Friday, so today we have GirlyBits! I have several Girly Bits polishes, a couple of which I haven’t tried yet, but today I have some recent colors, two from the Halloween line, and one from the Fall line. 

I really like these three polishes. The formulas were great, and how cute are the bottles? The image of the girl at her vanity table, the signature stone on the bottle, and just the name itself brings a smile to my lips.

So, on to the pretties!

First up we have Booberry, from the Halloween line. Booberry is described as “A deep blurple jelly with purple, fuschia, navy blue and black hexes and squares, and sparse micro glitter”. It’s gorgeous.  It really needed some undies though. I should have put it over black or dark blue undies. This is 5 thin coats. Yes, 5. It really is gorgeous though and I love the deep blurple in this. The formula was very smooth and went on easily. 

Next up is Monster Mash, also from the Halloween line!  Monster Mash is described as “A clear (but very slightly tinted green, for extra creepiness) base packed with green, gold and black hexes, squares and shreds”. This is one coat over one coat of Sinful Colors Smokin. This is really beautiful in the sun, when the gold lights up, and will be fun to wear on St. Patrick’s day as well. It’s probably gorgeous over black as well, but I liked it over the dark gray for something a little different.

Finally, we have my favorite, Crunchy Leaves from the Fall line! I believe Crunchy Leaves is for November. GB has a polish for each month of the year, so you can collect all twelve. Crunchy Leaves, I had to have. It’s described as “medium-dense glitter mix of orange, copper, brown, and red, in a sheer earthy base”. This is two coats over one coat of Orly Chocoholic. Just look as that gorgeous polish! Red at some angles, coppery at others, with all the gorgeous glitter goodness. I can’t get enough of it! 

Girly Bits polishes can be found at for purchase as well as Llarowe, Harlow & Co,  and Facebook for updates and restocks. This is definintely polish brand I highly reccomend!  


  1. They all look fab. My fave is Monter Mash. The colors just look that awesome.

  2. What a gorgeous Fall color (Crunch Leaves)! It looks great on you, too.