Sunday, August 11, 2013

Enchanted Polish - Sour Patch Kid

Hello, my lovelies!

How are you on this hot sunny August day? I am SO excited about the polish I'm about to share that I  can barely contain myself.

Enchanted Polish is an indie brand that's fast become one of the rising stars of indie polish makers. Her restocks are INSANE and more often than not, you miss the polish within seconds of it going live on the site. It's crazy!! But her polishes are absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately some people grab them just to resell at insane markups because they know people want them so badly. Restocks are limited quantities and it's not unusual for a color to only appear once. I'm not sure that she really has a "core" line. And her polishes are not only gorgeous, but the formulas are a dream. Dhe does both glitter and holos, but has really gained her reputation on her beautiful holos.

Most of us have that one polish we're searching for, that we really, really want but can't, or won't spend the absurd amounts of money to get it.  Mine has been Enchanted Polish Sour Patch Kid for months. To me, it the epitome of the perfect coral polish, with just a tad more orange than pink, and a beautiful holo effect. It was only sold once that I know of, and I missed it. People don't like to sell or give this one up. Lucky for me, I had obtained a different, highly coveted color that really wasn't me and found someone willing to swap with me. Swaps are great. She had wanted the one I had and was willing to part with her SPK. Win-win!

I had wanted to wait until my nails were a little longer but I was so excited to get this I had to use it right away. Beautiful formula, beautiful polish! This is two coats, topped with Out The Door. And I got a lotta pics here! I couldn't help it though, this color is so perfectly me!

With the lightbox:

And sunlight:

I joke with my polish buddies that I will "love it and squeeze it and pet it and call it 'my preccioussss'". I'm kidding, of course. Mostly. This truly is a spectacular polish.

There are two other Enchanteds I'm hunting hard core - Dragon Spit and Cranberry Cosmo. If you have them and are willing to swap, let me know! I've added a tab for my blog sale, which includes a swap list.

Enchanted Polish can be purchased on her website and through Llarowe, and updates are usually posted on her FB page. Polishes usually run about $15, and since this one came, she's upgraded to a square bottle with a box that's really a nice little touch.

Does Sour Patch Kid make your mouth water?


  1. Oh, wow! That is absolutely gorgeous, and suits you perfectly.

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous, it looks wonderful on you.

  3. Perfect for you, Mal! I admit that I googled Dragon Spit and Cranberry Cosmo, too - beautiful (and better for my coloring). I thought Dragon Spit would be a green-ish color though...surprise!

  4. Wow it's amazing I wouldn't mind having that color myself.