Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nerd Lacquer: Warrior Ethos

Hello, my lovelies! How has your weekend been? Mine has been busy, with my mom visiting.
I’ve got a stunner of a polish for you today, NerdLacquer Warrior Ethos. This is a most gorgeous red glitter! NerdLacquer is known for gorgeous polishes inspired by sci/fantasy shows (Star Wars, Dr. Who, Firefly, etc).
Now a warning about NerdLacquer before you go trying to find some.  I cannot really recommend this brand, as much as I love the polishes themselves. I rarely speak negatively about a brand but NerdLacquer is an exception. They are EXTREMELY hard to get. The woman running the show disappears for months at a time, and only restocks a couple times a year-if then. The server usually crashes due to of many people trying to get them (kind of like an Enchanted Polish restock) and overselling is common. She's also known for having atrocious customer service, ignoring emails about broken shipments, taking payment and not sending bottles, etc. I speak from experience. I’ve been emailing weekly since late June about a broken bottle (with pictures) and I get radio silence.  Several people I know of have been advised to open Paypal disputes with her for paying for products they never recieved. So if you decide to start hunting NerdLacquer's down, your best bet are blog sales and polish groups on social media, and expect to pay double their inital cost- they're that coveted!

So, negative stuff aside, onto the pretty polish! Warrior Ethos is described as a “shimmering true red with red, copper, opalescent and black glitter”. I believe it’s from the Star Trek line. It’s a beautiful jelly, and a bit sheer, so I took my friend Rachael’s advice and layered it over a red. This is three coats of Warrior Ethos over one coat of Zoya Carmen-a rich red crème, and topped with Out The Door for a smooth finish.

NerdLacquer does have a site, NerdLacquer.com, but don't expect a restock any time soon! It's a shame really, because all of her polishes are really just lovely.

So how do you like Warrior Ethos? A gorgeous red, yes?



  1. Oh, wow! That's gorgeous!!

  2. I like a lot of her polishes, but all the drama is kind of a turn off. Pretty color though.