Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zoya Bobbi and Jindie Femme Fire!

Hello, my lovelies!

Fine weather we're having. A bit crazy for August, but pretty. I just hope these cooler ays aren't indicating and early and hard winter. I hate winter!

Today I have for a pretty pink pairing. I was in the mood for something girly, so I chose Zoya Bobbi and Jindie Nails Femme Fire.

Zoya Bobbi is a lovely fuchsia foil metallic with a very fine silver sheen. Application was dreamy smooth, and shown here with two coats. Jindie Nails is a popular indie brand, and I have to express my disappointment with this polish. Femme Fire is a girly pink crelly with yellow, red and pink glitters in varying sizes. This isn't my usual type of polish but I thought this one was prettier than most.The formula was thin, almost runny, and glitter placement was difficult and sparse. I wasn't in the mood to fish the glitters out, so there's not nearly as much on here I'd like and it's really uneven for distribution. This is four coats, all are topped with Out The Door.

Zoya can be found at, and Ulta and averages $8 a bottle. Jindie Nails can be found at and averages $10 a bottle.

Pretty in pink?

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  1. The zoya is pretty, but I'm not impressed the Jindie either.