Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pahlish: Who Wants Orange Soda

Hello, my lovelies!

I hope you've had a good weekend! I meant to get this up yesterday but got busy and didn't have time. I just made and canned 33 jars of peach jam but am determined to get a post up this weekend! I'm trying for two posts a week currently. 

Today I have Pahlish Who Wants Orange Soda? for you. This is my fourth Pahlish and she's very consistent with good formulas. This is a jelly, so it's a little stickier and thicker. Be sure to let each coat dry before you apply the next one! This is three coats, topped with Out The Door.

Who Wants Orange Soda? is a juicy, true, intense orange jelly with lots of gold sparkle and microglitter, and while it was impossible to get it on film, has a unique blue microglitter shimmer as well. Many oranges polishes tend to lean red or yellow (I prefer the red leanings) but this a real, full-on orange and I love it! 

Pahlish can be purchased  through her website,, and updates can be found on her Facebook page. Polishes average $9 a bottle. 

Now, who's in the mood for Orange Soda?


  1. lol The polish name just takes me back to my childhood/teenage years. Love the color.

  2. I love how juicy this look. Gorgeous!