Monday, September 16, 2013

Sinful Colors: My Turn

Hello, my lovelies!

From high-end to low-end! My mood has matched the cloudy and gray skies, so I have for you today, a new matte by Sinful Colors. Sinful Colors is a great brand, and the best part is that they are only about $2. They have a big core collection and they frequently release smaller collections, though they often recycle colors in those. The main hitch to their new collections is that they tend to be a one-time deal. If you don't catch them right as they come out, you don't get them.

Their new matte collection is called the Leather Luxe Collection. And they have fun, risque names like Whipped (black), Get It On (berry pink),  Strapped (grassy green), My Turn (dark gray), Laced Up (vivid coral), and Leather Loose - a stunning dark brown that's a little sparkly.

Application was good, as most Sinfuls are. This is three coats of My Turn, with accent nails of an unnamed Ulta multi-glitter in a clear base. As with many mattes, the look isn't always one hundred percent smooth and even, but actually does look a little leathery. 

Sinful Colors is sold at most drugstores, with Walgreens typically having the best selection and new collections. Walgreens also runs frequent sales. They've also been spotted target and some grocery stores.


  1. Nice, looks good with the glitter on it. I'm surprised you don't have the coral.

    1. thanks, Jen! I'm glad you like it. I do have the coral, just haven't worn her yet!

  2. :) I love corals best too so I lock forward to seeing it on you.