Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blogrolls, Blogger and viruses

Hello, my lovelies! Evidently there is some malware making the rounds of Blogger blogs via blogrolls. So I've taken mine down in the meantime, even though THIS SITE IS CLEAN, it was linked to one that had been reported as having malware. A number of bloggers are pulling the blogrolls now, which sucks as we network through them but it's a necessity to keep our sites safe. Trend Micro reports that it's generating through the use of Rafflecopter, a popular widget a lot of us use for giveaways (I haven't, yet, and won't until this is resolved).

Hopefully it will all be resolved soon!



  1. Okay, I'm new to this. What's a blog roll?? Is it as tasty as it potentially sounds? ;)

  2. LOL, Steph! Alas, it is not tasty, not edible. It's a list of of blogs that I really like and visit frequently. Most of us have them, but we've taken them down due to the virus warnings and such.