Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Try It On Tuesday!

Hello, my lovelies! It’s Try It On Tuesday! 

That means I’ve got a polish (or two) that I haven’t worn before. I love TIOT because it makes me try on stuff that has been patiently waiting for its turn. 

This week I went with a couple of blues, in honor of AMC Awareness. AMC is Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. Jilltastic Nail Design is the hostess of TIOT and she’s also issued a weekly nail art challenge involving the color BLUE, again, in honor of AMC Awareness. Stop by Jilltastic Nail Design and show her some love, and she has more details about AMC and why it’s important to her. His name is Devin and he’s adorable!

This isn’t super artistic but my head is pounding and it might explode soon. First up we have Essie Bikini So Teeny, anew color for 2012. It’s a lovely powdery, periwinkle blue with a hint of lavender crème. I found the application a bit spotty on the first coat, but by coat three, it evened out nicely. I do however, think I need two coats of Essie Fill The Gap on my thumb nail. 

The second color I used is KleanColor Blue-Eyed Girl. What a disappointment! I was super stoked to get this for $.01 off Copious a few weeks back. Look at all that gorgeous big glitter! And in a cobalt blue jelly basetotal love! Then I opened it. Wow, what a funky odor! Then I started to apply it. The formula itself is nice, it went on smoothly, as with most jellies, needed a couple of coats to reach desired opacity. Now take a good look. What’s missing? All the beautiful chunky glitter! I had to fight to get that much out! I shook it repeatedly, tried swirling the brush aroundnothing. It didn’t even seem to move in the bottle. So I ended up with some thick layers of polish. Boooo! I may have to investigate and see what other polishers think of KleanColor. Maybe I just got a bad bottle. 




So there’s my blue mani for Try It On Tuesday. I don't love it. At all. And the polish smell isn't helping my headache (yes, i have all windows open and a fan on). But I like TIOT so I wanted to participate. Tomorrow I will have something super special for My Indie Glam Addiction’s JEM inspired nail art contest! 

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  1. The colors are beautiful! I like the easy on the glitter look it makes it look bubbles on your nails!