Friday, June 15, 2012

Summertime Blues!

On a hot summer day, I love to see a refreshing burst of bright blue. Like all colors, Zoya does blues beautifully. I love Zoya formulas. They go on so smoothly, and usually only need two, sometimes even one coat to reach opacity. 

Robyn is a perfect example. One coat was almost perfect but two gave a stunning, solid summer blue of flawless perfection. To dress her up a bit, I did a funky French and accent nail with Zoya Charla- a perfect compliment! Charla went on smoothly as well, and is a stunning bright blue packed with blue bar glitter.-the pictures just don't do it justice for sparkle and shine! I topped with Seche Vite, and I should have used the new bottle. It’s gotten super thick and clumpy as it gets closer to empty! (I've heard that's normal for it, but ick!)

And because it’s just such a pretty color, I had to take more than a couple of shots. It’s just so happy looking!





  1. OMG! Those blues are so pretty and compliment each other so very well. *marks down a couple more colors she needs to buy*

  2. Very summer! Makes me think of sky and sea!

  3. Very pretty! Essie Coat Azure is a really pretty blue and goes on so smoothly. I almost chose it for my wedding, but couldn't resist the Tiffany's connection in China Glaze "For Audrey". :)

  4. Love it, Mal!

    And Mary, I almost bought For Audrey the other day. That color is gorgeous!

  5. Robyn is one of my favorite blues! Love the glitter tips! :)

  6. Mal, the site has malware just FYI, love the look though.

  7. thank you, ladies! Jen, I'm not registering any malware, but Blogger sites sometimes trigger the warning depending on the AV program being used. I'll look deeper to make sure, though, thanks!

  8. Love the blues! That's wicked cool!!