Friday, June 22, 2012

Sparkly blue Frenchie!

Hello, my lovelies! 

It's Friday and I usually don't do a new mani on Fridays, but since I took off the other yesterday, I couldn't them naked. Something simple, and kind of a default for me- a funky Frenchie. 

For this, I used OPI Alpine Snow for the white. I have yet to find a white that goes one smoothly and nicely. (I'm open to suggestions!) Two coats of that was decent enough. Threw on Seche Vite and then went with Revlon's Blue Mosaic. I love this polish to look at. It's a sheer, light blue base with fine blue glitter, silver hex glitter, and green hex glitter. It's got massive sparkle and shine in the sun, though as usual, I couldn't capture that in the pics. It's very thick though, and kind of gloppy, but it went on fairly nicely for the tips.



I can never resist picking these Frenchies off because the glitter starts to chip so quickly, even with topcoat. We'll see how long this one lasts! 



  1. I love the colors but can totally see what you mean about it being thick. Did you try thinner? Either way super cute!

  2. Thanks, Lena! I didn't try any thinner, I was feeling a bit lazy, but next time I use this polish, I definitely will.

  3. Very pretty and summery, Mal! Laura

  4. I love the sparkling blue tips!

  5. Love the glitter tips! I swear by Milani White On the Spot. It is opaque in 1 coat and fast drying. It's my go to white when I want full coverage in one coat! :)

  6. Thank you, ladies! I've got Milani White on the Spot on my list to pick up today! A fast dry, one coat opaque is definitely what I need!