Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jem is Truly Outrageous!

Hello, my lovelies!  Today’s manicure is a super special labor of love. 

My buddy Jenn over at My Indie Glam Addiction is having an awesome nail art contest and the theme is JEM! Any child of the 80s like myself will know immediately who this is. I can still sing the entire theme song and some of the songs featured in the show. I’ve dressed up as Jem for Halloween at least twice in my life-and one of the costumes is still hanging in my closet ‘cause the last time was just a couple years ago. 

This took a couple hours to do because a) each nail is different, b)I freehand painted these and I’m still a rookie, c) I’ve never used flocking powder before and had to start over a couple of times. I’ve seen some of the other submissions and I am in total awe of the skill some of these ladies have. I hope someday I’m that good!

I used a TON of polishes for this. I’ll list them at the end and you can all shake your head and say, “Mal, you’re nuts!”. But I’m a texture girl. I love shimmers and glitters and more glitters. And from the moment I saw Jem as the theme, I knew I had the perfect excuse to try flocking powder.

Let’s start with the left hand. It represents Jem and the Holograms (her band). From pinkie to thumb: colors to represent the Holograms, Jem’s famous eye makeup, Jem’s signature earrings that cast the holograms, Aja’s pink guitar, and the J with the star at the top in flocking powder. The J didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped but I had to redo it three or four times before I got this result. The pink flocking powder represents Jem’s crazy pink hair! 

Jem's eye makeup - close-up!

Now, onto the right hand. It represents The Misfits, the archemeny and rival of the The Holograms. From pinkie to thumb: bright blue, an orange flower and some glitter are for Stormer, the band member who’s to shy and scared to stand up for herself, some crazy lines The Misfits are unpredictable, some cow-like spots representing one of Pizazz’s dresses that she wear more than once, some splattery bright colors with glitter to represent the craziness of The Misfits, and some bright green flocking powder to represent Pizazz’s hair! 

So there you have it, folks. My Jem-inspired mani for the contest! It’s open until Thursday night so wish me luck! I think I’m gonna go rewatch some episodes!

P.S. The list of polishes!
Essie – No Place Like Chrome, Off The Shoulder
Zoya – Robyn, Rory
Sinful Colors – Fusion Neon, Irish Green, Summer Peach
Spoiled – Are Mermaids Real
China Glaze – Foie Gras, Liquid Leather, Liquid Crystal, Cha Cha Cha, Ruby Pumps
Maybelliene Wet Shine diamonds – Lilac Glitz
Maybelliene Express – Plum Intense
Orly – Tiara
OPI – Save Me
Flocking powder in Party Pink and Cricket
Stripe Rite – pink and yellow
Milani – White On The Spot


  1. Hmm, that flocking is interesting.

    And good luck!!!

  2. Thanks, Melissa. The flocking is definitely a one-day wear thing. Just normal wear and of course water, pretty much decimate it.

  3. Ha, cute! I wouldn't have the nerve, or the patience, either!

  4. Thanks, Mary. It entertains me and I had so much fun with this one.

  5. The green thumbs looks like grass, I remember this show fairly well. Great looks Mal!