Sunday, August 26, 2012

Galaxy Nails!

Hello, my lovelies!
It’s rainy day today in DC, and I can’t do any yard work, so I’m doing nails? Yep. 

I’ve been meaning to do galaxy nails for a couple of weeks so I decided today’s the day! This is definitely a mani that requires time, as it involves layering polish. 

So, onward we go! First, we start off with a black base. I recently got Nevermore by Cult nails, hailed as a one coat black polish. No joke, it really is! I did two coats anyway. It also dries pretty quick, and applied super smoothly.

I did my right hand first for practice, and I think it looks more like the galaxy nail pics I see around the web. The left hand I experimented a bit more, thinking I knew wear to improve on the right hand. Hmm. Not sure that was a brilliant idea. I think I got the sponging too wide. I used Milani White On the Spot, an unknown neon yellow  2 way pen, Sinful Colors Aquamarine and Neon Fusion, and Orly Tiara. 

Right Hand -  sponging is more narrow, and I used toothpick dots of white for stars, and concentrated the Orly Tiara (the silver glitter) over the colors more. 

Left hand – the sponging went on wider and thicker, as did the Orly Tiara, and it feels more uneven.

So, I like both but I think the right hand is more what I had in mind. Which do you like better?


  1. nice job! i think i like the right hand better, tho

  2. Definitely the right--I like the colors better. They are both VERY cool, though!

  3. these look super cool! I like the colors more, I think. They're different from other galaxy nails I've seen!

  4. I like both. But I like the left hand better.

  5. I like the top one best but they are both gorgeous!

  6. I like the colors in the bottom one, but the top is more galaxy-like. Love both of them, though!