Friday, September 7, 2012

Dare To Wear Red E To Go

Hello, my lovelies!

It’s Friday, hooray! Can you believe it’s September already? Fall is just around the corner but I’m not letting go of summer just yet!

Today I have a new pretty (ok, I have a ridiculous number of new pretties, but just showing one off today), by Dare To Wear. This is a brand new to me, but I had some Copious credits and it looked like a red with some orange casting, so of course, I gave it a whirl! 
warning! Pic heavy!

This color is Red E To Go. The formula was very nice, very smooth, and achieved full opacity in 2 coats. It dried quickly, no pooling, pulling or dragging! It’s a lovely cherry red with just a hint of orange, with superfine glitter for a heavy shimmer. It’s not very gritty, and  sparkles beautifully. 

Of course I couldn’t resist toying with it and topped it with a bit of Sinful Colors UFO, a beautiful peach base with opalescent small multi-colored glitters for some extra depth and sparkle.

I definitely like this brand and plan to get a couple more. What do you think of Dare to Wear?


  1. Wow that red gorgeous! The peach sparkle just makes it pop.

  2. Love this polish!! I usually don't like heavy shimmered polishes, but the color is just too pretty!!

  3. Oh wow! That is absolutely gorgeous! I adore red polish, and that one is just perfect with the sparkle.

  4. Love this!! I love red, and while I could never get away with it on my short stubby fingernails, I could totally do this on my toes!! Thanks for sharing!