Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sinful Colors Swatch Spam!

Hello, my lovelies!

Today I have some Sinful Colors spam for you! During my swatchathons, I try to swatch all of my untried of a particular brand, and instead of doing them one by one on Try It On Tuesdays, some of them are going to make it into spam posts like these. 

I am quite fond of Sinful Colors as a rule. There was some hubbub with them not long ago when they stole bloggers pictures and used them without permission. Revlon (their parent company) was contacted by many of us (myself included), issued a public apology and reached out to the bloggers. I haven’t heard anything since, but to my knowledge, they were trying to make it right to with the bloggers that owned the pictures.  

Warning- Pic heavy!

I generally find Sinful Colors to be good formulas, that both apply and wear well. Ruby Ruby is probably my go-to red, and this summer, my toe nails have been sporting their neon orange because it’s such a true bright orange I just love it!

Please forgive my cuticles looking dry. After so much swatching they tend to get pretty dry!
UFO – This a bottle shot only because by itself, you’ll only see some sparkle. It’s a peach base with opalescent, small, multi-colored glitters. It’s gorgeous and can add some real ‘wow’ factor to polishes. I used it on a couple in the below pics.

All About You – A bottle shot only for the same reason as UFO. It’s a small gold glitter in a clear base. It might be a dupe for Wet N Wild Gold and Beautiful and Spoiled’s Pirate Booty (it appears to be on nail wheels). Lovely over a couple of the colors, as you’ll see.
Irish Green – one of the summer neons! A bright green jelly, I love this cheerful green that reminds me of the motherland. Lots of buildup here, as with most jellys, still visible VNL as you can see, but this should be great for upcoming jelly sandwiches. 

Summer Peach – the aforementioned orange! This is the most true neon orange I saw all summer! No others have come this close, even with white undies. No undies here folks, this baby is commando! Look at that gorgeous bright matte! Super fast on drying, still took about 4 coats to build up. 

Cloud 9 – a relatively bright orange jelly. I thought this was more of a creamsicle orange until I stepped outside and realized it was more General Lee orange! It wasn't very sunny when I did these so it looks a bit darker than it is. Three coats here, still VNL, and not my favorite orange, but it's growing on me.

In these, I topped the index and middle finger with UFO ( a beautiful peach base with opalescent multi-colored small glitters), and the ring  and pinkie fingers with All About You, a gold glitter, for some pizzazz. 

Courtney Orange – a fiery red orange with a heavy shimmer. Love it! I think is a ‘crelly’, not quite a jelly but not a crème either. With 3 coats, there’s still some minor VNL, but it’s beautiful.


I topped the index and middle finger with UFO ( a beautiful peach base with opalescent multi-colored small glitters), and the ring  and pinkie fingers with All About You, a gold glitter, for some pizzazz.


Super Nova – This is a fun one. It’s a like metallic rose color! It has a hint of pink but it’s not overwhelming, and it’s kind of silvery a the same time, but it’s definitely not silver. Two coats for opacity here.

Heavy Metal – Silver foil! Two coats of beautiful, blinding silver. And as Lace and Lacquers discovered, this is a dupe for Zoya Trixie. And I realized today, it’s also a dupe for Orly Dazzle. 

I don’t have Zoya Trixie to compare them to, but middle and pinky are Orly Dazzle, index and ring are Sinful Heavy Metal, and a bottle shot of the two.  

 So there you have it! Sinful Colors!  fantastic brand at a great price! Sinful Colors can be found at Walgreens, CVS, Target, and other stores for about $1.99. Walgreens periodically has them on sale for $.99. 


  1. uuu the first one over summer peach =) would be delightful!

  2. Man, I need to find Summer Peach! I ended up getting Cloud 9 last week during Walgreens' sale...and it definitely was not the shade of orange I was hoping for...

    1. I actually bought a second bottle of Summer Peach because I love it so much and I've used half of the first bottle! I like Cloud 9 but it wasn't really what I was expecting either.

  3. I like cloud9 and supernova the best, but the second bottle looks cool.

    1. All About You? It's definitely nice for dressing up another polish!

  4. This is the best kind of spam!! I'm really loving Summer Peach!! <3

    1. Definitely the best spam! I <3 Summer Peach too!

  5. I never ever paint my nails, because they are perpetually short and stubby, but I love looking at yours on your blog. :) I did, however, have to paint my toenails for a "photo shoot" and I thought of you while doing it, because I used Sinful Colors. I just went and looked, and it turns out it was Ruby Red! :D It has stayed on for over 3 weeks and still looks really good!