Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TIOT: Maybelline Color Show

Hello, my lovelies!

It’s Try It On Tuesday again! For those of you just joining us, TIOT is where we take out a polish we’ve had sitting around but haven’t used and try it on. Be sure to pop by Jilltastic Nail Design, who came up with TIOT, and check out all of the other bloggers participating!

I’m going to be showcasing two polishes today, both part of Maybelline’s new line, Color Show.  A lot of them are pretty run of the mill, and look like we’ve seen them many times. There are a few gems in the bunch though, and I’ve got a couple of them. Warning, pic heavy!

First up is Wined and Dine. Scrangie describes this best, as “It's a blackened red-brown base with wine, purple and bronze glass fleck. At an angle, you can see a golden duochrome color shift.” I thought it was more purple-y in some angles, and not heavy on the duochrome at all. But application was lovely, smooth and easy. This is three coats. This is definitely a fall color, and it reminds me of something else in my collection. It reminds me of the Ludana Fascinate I did a couple weeks ago, but not quite as gorgeous and not nearly as golden.

Next we have Twilight’s Rays. I love the time of day known as Twilight. I loathe the book series of the same name. Once again I’m using Scrangie's description because she says it so beautifully, “A black crème base with large, chunky, flaky gold foil shimmer. Some of the gold flakes flash green, which in some lights causes the entire polish to have a greenish tint.” At some angles, it looks almost chocolate-y to me. I used three coats here, just beautiful!  Again, smooth and easy formula!

Maybelline did really well with these polishes. Have you tried any?  What’s your opinion?

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