Friday, June 28, 2013

Essie & ILoveNP!

Hello, my lovelies!

Another weekend is upon us, hooray!

Since the weather has been on a warming trend this week, I opted for some refreshing blue.

This is Essie In The Cab-ana, from the Resort 2013 collection. It’s a lovely summer sky blue that applied pretty nicely, and was opaque in 2 coats.

Over it I have a glitter topper from I<3NP, Emerald Dew Drops. Emerald Dew Drops is a clear base with a fantastic mix of green, teal and white glitters in different sizes and shapes. This one coat over In The Cab-ana. As with most glitter toppers, it’s a little thick and there was a little glitter placement needed. It felt like the perfect compliment to In The Cab-ana, and I love it!

This makes me feel all summery! Essie can be found in many stores and online, and I<3NP can be found on her website, where she has a plethora of different polishes ranging in price from $3.75 - $10 and Facebook page.


  1. Wow,Emerald dew drops is stunning!

  2. Well done!! I never would have thought to put the green glitter over the blue, but it's perfect. I even have a shirt that would go perfect with!

  3. The blue is perfectly perfect!