Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pahlish: Anticipating and Pacing

Hello, my lovelies!

I’m attempting to see if it’s easier to do more frequent, short posts, than longer posts once a week. I’m hoping this is manageable, so I can get back to blogging more!

Today I have a lovely indie brand called Pahlish. My friend Rachael turned me onto it. I have two colors, a gorgeous fiery orange-red called This New Sun, and now this one, called Anticipating and Pacing, from her Spring 2013 line.

I wasn’t too keen at first on the speckled look that seemed that surfaced this Spring, but it’s grown on me, and these are sparkly speckles and we all know I can’t resist sparkly.

So! Onto the polish. It’s a beautiful strawberry pink-red packed with small blue glitter and tiny gold glitter. Application was quite lovely, and went on very smoothly. This is three coats, topped with Out The Door. If you look really closely there is some barely visible nail line, but you have to really look for it.

Pahlish can be found in her Etsy store, where polishes are around $9 for a full size, and she has a lovely Spring collection out right now. She also has a Facebook page that you can check for updates and previews.

What’s on your nails this stormy Thursday?


  1. I'm not fond of this one, the color is nice but the speckles are meh.

    1. It took quite a while for the speckles to grow on me. I didn't like them at first, either!

  2. I really like your nails with the rounded tips.

    1. Thanks, Sue! It's definitely cut down on the corners breaking off so easily!