Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello, my lovelies!

I had hoped to post this yesterday but I was out of town with friends all day and didn’t have time. So instead, I’m bringing it to you today!

I wasn’t sure what to put on my nails Saturday but almost everyone who answered the question on FB, said “Cookie Monster!” A dear friend was spending the night so we did our nails, of course! (and I forgot to get a picture of hers, damn!)

I’ve always loved The Muppets and most of the Sesame Street characters. Snuffy was my favorite, along with Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster. I hope to attempt Oscar at some point in the future.

But today, it’s the lovable, crazed, cookie scarfing, blue furry guy. I was really surprised when I started Googling, I didn’t realize there were so many variations! I wasn’t sure if I wanted Cookie Monster on every nail, or just one, and then having his cookies on the other nails. I ended up using this picture as my inspiration. I really liked how she did the stripes behind the cookies too, so I went ahead and did it in a different color. On my other hand, I skipped the striping (it was late Saturday night and I was quite tired), and I’m glad I did the stripes on the left hand. The cookies pop a little bit better and it’s more interesting.

So onto the polishing!

I started with three coats of Essie She’s Picture Perfect, a lovely lavender crème. I topped that with Seche Vite, and cut some thin strips of tape and placed those down. I should have cut them thinner but that would have required hauling out the Xacto knife! I used Milani White On the Spot for the stripes, then pulled off the tape. I let that dry, and did another coat of Seche Vite.

Next up were the cookies! Now, I generally loathe the color beige. It’s the most boring, bland color ever and I’m not a neutral girl. I’m a color girl. So I couldn’t bring myself to buy a full bottle of a color I would probably only rarely use for accents. Since I had been planning this awhile, I had already picked up a Pixel polish for about $2. A tiny bottle of an ugly color was perfect! It would make nicely for the cookie dough. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it now to get the color name. I think it might have been THigh-Hi. the freaky part was, I started to use it as the base, and it blended in so freakily with my skin tone, that I decided to use the Essie. Using a fine nail art brush, I just dipped in and drew rough circles , 2 on each nail. Once that dried, I added “chocolate chips” with Orly’s Chocoholic – a perfect chocolate-ly brown crème (While I hate beige, I love a good dark brown).

Then it was time for the man, er, Monster himself. I pulled several blues out and debated. Surprisingly, I didn’t think I had the right blue, but I was proven wrong. I ended up using Sinful Colors Aquamarine (which looks nothing like the color aquamarine), and it was a perfect bright-but-not-too-bright blue for Cookie. Using the same brush, I drew a big rough-edged circle on my thumb and filled it in. For his mouth, I used China Glaze Liquid Leather, and gave him a big happy open mouth. Two big rounds of Milani White On The Spot took care of his eyes, and once that dried, I used CG Liquid Leather for his pupils. I intentionally kept them crazy looking, because we all know how crazy Cookie Monster gets over his cookies! Once it was all dry, another coat of Seche Vite.

Unfortunately, the pics are crappy. That’s what I get for shooting inside late at night and stupidly, not taking some one yesterday when I was out in the sun. But you can still see them pretty well.

So there you have my Cookie Monster nails! I had a lot of fun with this one, and seeing Cookie Monster on my nails keeps bringing a smile to my face!

Have you tried Cookie Monster or a similar character yet?


  1. Those are adorable, Mal! I <3 Cookie Monster!

  2. Amazing! I especially love Cookie Monster's eyes. :)

  3. Maybe not your most elegant manicure to date but certainly my favorite! I'm horrible with nail art so I'm very jealous. :)

  4. Wow that had to of taken forever, but they are so cute.

  5. thank you, ladies! I <3 Cookie Monster too and this was a fun one to do! It did take a while, because when you're doing dots, you have to wait for them to dry before you can do top coat. And it makes me want cookies, lol!