Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainbow sherbet colorblocking!

It’s another Try it On Tuesday! So today I have some shimmery, glittery colorblocking! Truthfully, I don’t really understand the whole “colorblocking”  thing, but hey, this mani seems to qualify. This will be a short post, as all I can do is rave about Zoya polishes.

I love ice cream. And sherbet. And this particular shade of purple, coupled with an orange, always makes think of rainbow sherbet (I know there are lemon and lime as well, but these are the colors that I always think of).

Meet two polishes I’ve had for a while but haven't used, Zoya Tanzy and Zoya Rory. Everyone knows I love a sparkly orange polish, and Tanzy fits the bill! Similar to Zoya Gabrielle, Tanzy is a couple shades darker and a little more opaque. Gabrielle is a jelly and Tanzy is less jelly-ish.  It builds beautifully, still a little VNL after two coats, but the glittery shine can’t be beat. 

Rory is a luscious, warm, shimmery violet. The formula was beautiful, fully opaque in one coat, smooth as silk. Zoya has really nailed their formulas fantastically. Topped with Seche Vite, as usual, for durability and high shine. 



What do you think? Anyone up for sherbet?


  1. I really must find some Zoya, I like the orange better then the purple.

  2. It really does look like sherbet! You could do it next time with 3 or 4 colors...*grin*

  3. Ooh, another pretty one! Me likey! Laura

  4. thank you, ladies! Jen, Zoya is sold at Ulta and zoya.com. They run a lot of promos, and have one right now for the 4th of July. Ruth, I think I will. I might even try them in a water marble. Thanks, Laura & Steph!