Sunday, July 1, 2012

How it all began...

Happy Canada Day! Today is Canada Day, and I have a bunch of Canadian friends who are celebrating! One of my dearest friends is Canadian and I hope to visit her this fall with some other friends. I thought today's mani would be fun, to copy the Canadian flag. So I practiced drawing maple leafs, and I'm not bad at it. Unless I'm doing it in polish. Sigh. I ended up with blobs with points, and just super sloppy in general. Ugh. So instead of potentially offending my Canadian pals(though likely they'd just laugh), and saving myself some embarrassment from a crappy art job, I'm going with something else.


This is the mani that started it all, the candy cane. I saw several of these last November/December and thought, hey! I can do that! So using OPI Kyoto Pearl and I'm not sure which red-might have been China Glaze Ruby Pumps (I only had about 15-20 polishes back then). Stupidly, I did the red first, then painted the white over. I used painter's blue tape, no base or top coat. The stripes are really uneven but I had fun doing this. And thus, the polish obsession was born. (I also didn't realize the best position to take a pic of my nails was curved around a bottle). 

Isn't it fun to see how someone starts out? How did you start out?


  1. I like the manicure! I also like the ring. :D

  2. I remember this mani, still looks great.

  3. thanks, gals! I may start an album on the FB page for "failures" and put the Canada Day ones and other mess-ups in it, lol.